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Development ready with great water front
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Available space

1,350 acres

Total area

1,800 acres

Size of available areas


Main Activities

Mix uses (heavy industrial + commercial + office space)

Fields of expertise

Biomass, Environment, R&D, Cannabinoid, Data Management


1.5 million within a one-hour radius


To create an industrial cluster based on innovative technologies and products. 

Our team is ready to collaborate on all initiatives that will complement your activities and optimize your development. 


The Pontiac Industrial park offers many advantages to support the development and ongoing operations of your business. The unique combination of the site's attributes provides compelling benefits for your business and provides a balance between commerce and nature in a quaint rural setting. Its access to low carbon/low cost power (sub C$0.04 /kw), and large volumes of cooling water, make the site ideal for large power users who also need high capacity cooling. Up to 100 MW of power is provided by Hydro-Quebec, a crown corporation that is very motivated to bring new business to Quebec. The site also offers access to millions of gallons of an average 10 degree Celsius (50-degree F) water per day. For businesses that require security – security of business continuity as well as site security – this location provides both, including an easy to isolate peninsular location.

The Province of Quebec offers several competitive tax schemes to incite businesses to set-up shop in the Pontiac region.


Lowest electricity rates in Canada

Abundance of water

  • Millions of gallons/day of an average 50-degree cooling water

  • Annual average air temperature of 45 degrees

  • Drawn directly from the Ottawa River

Private waterfront property

  • Isolated site located on peninsula

  • Layout of site facilitates security

  • Low risk of natural disasters

Abundant natural ressources

The MRC Pontiac is approximately 13,850 km² and the productive forest area represents 78 % of the territory. 

Bilingual population

  • French and English schools on the territory

  • 54 % of the work force is bilingual

  • Universities and tech programs within a one-hour radius

  • High tech work force nearby

Proximity to strategic federal complexes

Litchfield industrial park is located with one hour radius to :

  • the Canadian Forces Base in Petawawa with approximately 6,000 people connected to the base and over 300 km2 of property;

  • The Canadian Nuclear Laboratories in Chalk River which represent the largest single complex within Canada’s science and technology infrastructure. The site includes the National Research Universal (NRU) reactor and more than 50 other unique facilities and laboratories. 

Flexible zoning

  • The park is zoned heavy industrial and commercial and it is easily adaptable to your needs

  • Build-to-suit 

A region with various potential

The Pontiac region has potential economic in various sectors such as agrifood, hemp, biomass.

Litchfield, Quebec

Our park is located halfway between Toronto and Montreal, only 90 minutes from Ottawa. 

Accessible by both the Ontario and Quebec road networks, you can enjoy the proximity of the National Capital while benefiting from favorably priced infrastructure.

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